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Most crimpers have the crimp-action go from side to side. Because of the angled nature of the handles, the crimp contact can't push against your cable connector perfectly straight-on or apply pressure evenly.
With this tool, the action occurs in an up and down motion, giving you a perfect straight-on crimp every time.
Yellow Strip Tool:
The yellow strip tool features 4 different slots for varying cable diameters and a discreet blade that will only cut the PVC jacket.
Stop slaving over a perfect strip and use this for easy stripping every time. This strip tool also includes the manual punch down tool.


1. Hard and durable enough to crimp the network cables for using magnetic steel.
2. The mouth of the press-pliers is made of high quality steel.
3. It won't damage the shelled-wire when crimping.
4. Material: Metal and Plastic
Package Included:
1 x RJ45 Network Cable Crimper
1 x Yellow Strip Tool
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